4 seasons


Harvest ׃

Young students have the opportunity to get to know Ambelos and Stafylos (the Vine and the Grape) through Greek mythology, to touch and explore objects used by farmers in the past during the harvest, to step on grapes in the small wine press and to make their own wine and vinegar. During the presentation, there is an opportunity to address issues such as recycling and reckless consumption of alcohol and its consequences.


Olive ׃
The young students meet the Goddess Athena and the Holy Olive Tree!! They transform into small olive growers, use objects and tools of the past to prepare their own oil!


The ancient Greek custom of Eiresioni is the ancestor of the decoration of the Christmas tree. Are there things in common with the carols we say today?

Kamila and Divitzis׃

What is a “camel” looking for among children? How will “Divitzis” wake up nature to become productive? Twelfth Day custom that contributes to the awakening of nature from its winter hibernation.

Traveling the Globe:

What is Santa Claus looking for on the beach and the sea? What do Grandpa and Grandma do on the chair on New Year’s Eve? What do pots and pans do in a Christmas program? Interactive program with customs from around the world.

Greek Carnival׃

Greek carnival events come to life in front of the young students. Bells, ribbons, masks and handcraft, cultivate the imagination, enhance socialization and encourage self-action through experiential actions. Seeking the deeper meaning of children’s disguise and familiarity with aspects of material and intangible culture.


Do not be fooled by the frog and the swallow, unless the cicada chirps it is not summer. Games, spring events, with the frog and the swallow as travelers, encounters with the cicada the June reaper, professions of the past and other topics from the imaginary world of the creation of our popular culture, these are some events that the young students will have the opportunity to experience.



How did man steal fire from Zeus? Fire as an object of worship in antiquity and purifying power.

Group games׃
Collaborative games with the aim of socializing, activating and enhancing the psychomotor development and responsibility of young children in a spirit of teamwork and of course joy.